Course Policies

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Workload Policy:

In a typical 3 credit course, the expectation is that you attend class 2.5 hours per week and have about  5-7.5 hours of work outside of class (see Suggested Academic Workload Guidelines). This would mean a total of 7.5 to 10 hours per week in a regular semester. A typical semester is 15 weeks long, thus you would be expected to put in about 112 to 150 hours of work for a given course. This is indeed my expectation, if you can’t devote this much time, then perhaps you should look closely at your schedule.

Attendance and Participation

Attendance is required. Attendance is vitally important for the understanding of the material and participation in the online class discussions. I will be watching to see that you access Blackboard on a regular basis. You are expected to access Blackboard at least two or three times a week. More often is advisable. If you do not have regular access to the internet, drop this course now.

Late Work

Many assignments are only offered in class and make ups are not available. Quizzes must be submitted on time. Other assignments, submitted late will be penalized -10% of original value per day. After five days I will not accept late work.

Religious/Cultural Holidays:

You have the right to observe major religious/cultural holidays without penalty. At least one week before the holiday, you should submit a written statement that includes both the date of the holiday and the reason why class attendance is impossible. Prior arrangements must be made. If prior arrangements have been made, you will not be penalized.


If you are absent due to personal illness, or illness of a dependent, you must provide written documentation to that effect. Acceptable documentation includes doctor’s note (on office letterhead), hospital record, or records from a recognized medical/healthcare agency.

Extra Credit:

You will be given the option of completing several extra credit assignments during the course. These activities expand upon the methods and information presented in the text. Additionally, you may attend any lectures, colloquia, or presentations on campus that present findings from a research study. You must write a 2-3 page summary and critique after attending the presentation. If you are uncertain about whether a presentation fits the description, please see me prior to attendance. ALL EXTRA CREDIT IS DUE BY THE LAST DAY OF CLASS – NO EXCEPTIONS.

Special Needs and Considerations:

Please let me know at the beginning of the semester if you have a physical or learning disability that may need accommodations.  The college will make reasonable accommodations for persons with documented disabilities. Students should also notify Student Services of any special needs.

Evaluation and Grading:
  • Discussion Board: 13%
  • Quizzes: 26%
  • Exercises: 28%
  • Research Project Report: 33%

Grade Scale:
Letter Percentage

A+ 97%-100%
A 93%-96%
A- 90%-92%
B+ 87%-89%
B 83%- 86%
B- 80%-82%
C+ 77%-79%
C 73%-76%
C- 70%-72%
D+ 67%-69%
D 63%-66%
D- 60%-62%

Academic Integrity Policy:
Each student is required to follow the guidelines of the UNCG Academic Integrity Policy on all assignments, and is required to include the Academic Integrity Pledge on all major work. Refer to the Academic Integrity Policy online at Examination:
Final Research Report functions in lieu of a final examination.
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