Discussion 1 – What is social research good for?

In this section, you have been presented with a number of ideas about the nature of reality, the utility of social research, and the philosophical underpinnings of the social sciences. Now I would like for you to answer the following questions in a short essay (about 300 words):

  • How can the social sciences and social research be used to help society?
  • How can professionals like physicians, lawyers, law enforcement, business leaders, journalists, and others use social research?
  • What are some of the potential ways in which research could inform policymakers regarding social problems.
Post your essay on Blackboard under the Discussion Forum. Then comment on the posts of 3 or more of your classmates… try to discuss, debate, and critique each other’s work. Don’t simply agree or disagree with your classmates. Have a constructive dialogue on the topic.

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