Module 6: Research Reports

What do researchers do with their findings? Research is useless unless it is disseminated in some form, most often reports, presentations, journal articles, or books. In this course, we have been writing a research report in stages. A research report is a carefully structured piece that clearly states the purpose, findings and relevance of research activity.  A report may be written for a range of reasons and for a variety of audiences, therefore its length, style and detail tend to vary greatly.

Our report will be for the purpose of practice, but it has all of the elements one would find in an journal article or a report for applied purposes: an introduction, a literature review, a summary of the methods, reporting of findings, and a conclusion where we discuss the place of the research in the study of similar phenomenon. I would like for you to now read Chapter 15 of Babbie as well as the following research article.  In this article, I would like for you to pay close attention to how the author engages the literature, draws on relevant theories, explains his own methods, and then presents his findings.

  • Agadjanian, V. 2002. “Competition and cooperation among working women in the context of structural adjustment: The case of street vendors in La Paz-El Alto, Bolivia” Journal of Developing  Societies 18 (3): 259-285
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