Project Final Report

Now it is time to take everything you’ve done this semester along with all of the feedback you have received from your peers and instructor and put it together into a final, well-written report. You have already done this in a rough draft, but now I want something that really showcases your skills as a researcher. Revisit each section, make sure you are precise in you description of the project. Make sure you have linked your research question and hypothesis to the literature and social scientific theories. Make sure that the pieces of the report fit together neatly with smooth transitions – not a jumble of paragraphs. This is the culmination of all your efforts throughout the semester….



  • Literary research – incorporates findings in appropriate and convincing manner,  use bibliographic sources effectively, and documents sources  accurately.
  • Thesis/focus – demonstrates an  awareness of audience, is  sophisticated, and is clearly throughout.
  • Organization – has a clear sense of logical order appropriate to the content and the thesis.
  • Development – demonstrates critical thinking that is clear, insightful, in  depth, and relevant to the topic.
  • Syntax and Diction – uses sophisticated language that engages the reader; manipulates sentence length to enhance the total effect of  the essay; uses precise language  that expresses complex ideas clearly.
  • Mechanics – contains very few errors of spelling, grammar, paragraphing or  manuscript format.
  • Improvement – incorporates constructive feedback of rough draft from peer review and instructor critique in final report
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