Research Project – Rough Draft

Rough Draft of Research Project Report

Take what you have done in the last exercise and turn it into a final report. Again, use your Ispartan Documents account and share the report with the instructor and your peer group.

Report elements:

Your report should be structured like a research article in the social sciences. This means it will have an introduction, a literature review, a review of methods, a presentation of findings, and a conclusion section:

Title page  A title, your name, your affiliation (this course and course instructor) and the date in APA format.

Introduction The introduction of your report will attempt to “hook” the reader, present the critical questions and hypotheses, and provide a synopsis of the remainder of the report. The introduction should be around 2-3 pages.

Literature Review This began as a synopsis of academic journal articles you wrote in your annotated bibliography, you then created a review of current social science research in your topic area. All citations used APA format.  Look back at the comments that were made on the first draft of your literature review. The literature review should be between 5 and 7 pages.

Review of Methods This section (around 3 to 5 pages) will detail the methods you employed in your project. You will discuss the conceptualization and operationalization, hypothesis construction, process of instrument construction, sampling criteria, survey procedures, response rate, and data analysis (univariate and bivariate).  You will also note the characteristics of the populations studied and how they were recruited. Finally, you will discuss the strengths and limitations of the methods employed including any ethical concerns (look back at your ‘statement of ethical concerns.’

Findings This section is the “meat” of your paper (anywhere between 5 and 10 pages). You will present the findings relevant to your research topic. You will need to provide findings from your survey. Weave these findings together to present an argument that either supports of refutes your hypothesis. You should have at least one contingency table. Use graphs, charts, and figures judiciously.

Discussion and Conclusions This section (anywhere between 3 and 5 pages) reviews the significant points presented in the paper and draws conclusions relevant to the research topic. You may choose to discuss the importance of the findings, the problems with the findings, and the direction of future research. You will also want to compare your findings to those of the more generalizable General Social Survey.

Bibliography All papers should cite their sources in a bibliography.  Remember to use APA Style throughout.

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